Types of Cleaning Lady Jobs

The moment you first start looking for cleaning lady jobs, you have to consider that the majority of these jobs are not going to be the same. There is no set ‘standard’. Many of the cleaning lady jobs are not just in a different location, but they are also going to come with a different set of expectations and some may require more than you originally expected. Some of the different options we are going to discuss include:

Types of Cleaning Lady Jobs
  • hotel cleaning lady
  • home cleaning lady
  • hospital cleaning lady
  • office cleaning lady

We will look at the different options and discuss what some of the benefits (and drawbacks) may be of each. Who knows, perhaps you are already actively working at one of these jobs but decide that you would rather try another one of these discussed cleaning lady jobs because what you see here.

Hotel cleaning lady

One of the main benefits of working as a hotel cleaning lady is the fact that you are not going to be traveling between locations too much. The benefit of having one or two steady hotels means that any hotel cleaning lady is going to be very familiar with her surroundings in a manner of weeks if not days. One of the negatives might be that some people do not believe in really cleaning their hotel rooms, but the benefit of that might be that they are willing to tip for the privilege of having someone who cleans up after them. One final benefit is that you are often cleaning when the visitor is out of the room, which gives you the privacy to do your work.

Home cleaning lady

This is one of those cleaning lady jobs that might take some getting used to for some. You are constantly heading from home to home, which means that any home cleaning lady may need to see a different home several times before understanding some of its intricacies and the owner’s needs. Depending on the contract discussed, a home cleaning lady may have different tasks that are or are not included in the cleaning process. Some feel uncomfortable if the owner of the home is present, but more often than not, you will notice that the homeowner will gladly get out of the way of a home cleaning lady who is actively working.

Hospital cleaning lady

Just like with a hotel, this often means that you work in one single location for the majority of your day, which is one of the benefits for a hospital cleaning lady. Many do experience this job as extremely rewarding because of the environment, it can be a positive experience for those seeking cleaning lady jobs. One drawback might be to deal with bodily fluids. While some expertise is required for some of these jobs (meaning a traditional hospital cleaning lady would not necessarily have to deal with this) it could possibly happen.

Office cleaning lady

Being an office cleaning lady sometimes means having to disturb people at work, because it is not possible to do everything after hours. One of the benefits of being an office cleaning lady is that most people are still respectful because of the office setting. This means that they are not likely to cause a tremendous mess where they work simply because they know that their supervisor would not appreciate it. Oftentimes an office cleaning lady has to pay attention to the finer details of her environment.

New to Cleaning?

If you have little to no experience with cleaning services it may be beneficial to do some casual house sitting first. While the wages are usually slightly lower, house sitting involves less skill yet provides good learning experiences.

The conclusion about cleaning lady jobs

Remember that just because you have experience with one of these cleaning lady jobs, that does not necessarily mean you are penciled into that role for the rest of your life. Some like to experiment with different cleaning lady jobs to see what setting they prefer.

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