Selecting a Cleaning Lady Agency

For many people, hiring a cleaning lady agency is going to take a lot of work out of their hands. One of the problems is that when you look up ‘housekeeping agency’ in your area online, you are likely to end up with countless options. Sometimes these seemingly limitless numbers of options are going to be extremely overwhelming for people. With our suggestions on how to narrow down your options of cleaning lady agency, we can help you pick the best option to suit your situation.

Selecting a Cleaning Lady Agency

Determine your needs first

This needs to be your first step before you ever look for a cleaning lady agency, you need to know if you have any off-limit rooms or specific areas that you really want them to pay attention to when cleaning. Do you want the ‘basic clean’ or do you want them to do your laundry or windows as well? Once you have established your needs, you can start to narrow down your cleaning lady agency options.

Ask for referrals

You can always ask family, friends, or neighbors if you have any referrals when it comes to a cleaning lady agency. If they have a positive experience, most people are glad to share it with you, and if it was a negative experience you can be sure that people are going to let you know. Alternatively, you can look online to see if anyone has any experience with the housekeeping agency that you are considering hiring.

Eliminate companies not insured or bonded

Now when you hire a cleaning lady agency, you are going to expect them to do a good job without issue. However, what if something were to go wrong? An accident may happen without warning. You want a bonded and insured service that takes responsibility for any mishaps.

Ask about a background check

While we take this for granted when looking for a housekeeping agency, remember that we are letting people into our homes. You want responsible cleaning ladies that have not been in legal trouble before. If you find out that this particular cleaning lady agency does not do any background checks on its prospective employees, it is better to keep looking elsewhere.

Ask for a free consultation

If you were going to hire someone to clean your home, it would be nice to know they are in fact capable of doing so right? Make sure that you have them review the area to clean and quote you a price accordingly. If you notice that a company is not willing to do that, it is all right to be skeptical.

Ask about the chemicals they use while cleaning

It is not a MUST that you hire a green cleaning lady agency, but it could cut down on pollution and drastically reduce lingering smells in your home. If you find that a company refuses to tell you exactly what they use or make you feel as though they are not being straightforward, it is in your best interest to keep looking.

Do not make it all about price

Remember that price must never be the sole determining factor when selecting a cleaning lady agency. If there is a difference in price, there may be a reason for it. Just as with anything else in life ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ also applies to hiring a housekeeping agency. Perhaps these companies have a bad reputation or take shortcuts when cleaning. Again, while price is certainly a factor, you must not make it the sole determining factor when you decide.

By applying these basic tips when you start to narrow down your options, you are going to notice that your list of available cleaning lady agencies is far lower than when you started. From there it comes down to personal preference and whether you ‘click’ with a certain agency.

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