How to Be the Best Cleaning Lady

There are a number of cleaning lady tips that we can provide to help someone become the best cleaning lady they can be. Many professional cleaning lady services will provide specific instructions when it comes to certain standards they have, but these cleaning lady tips can help save both time and money.

How to Be the Best Cleaning Lady

Prioritize – prioritize - prioritize

We cannot have a list of good cleaning lady tips without proper time management. The truth is that those cleaning ladies who work for cleaning lady services only have a set amount of time for their work. This means that you have to prioritize what is going to need the most work and what work is going to have to come later.

Additionally, remember to use your time carefully. There will be times that you need to leave certain cleaners ‘working’ for a bit in order to achieve the best clean (the bathroom for example) why would you waste time waiting for things to get ready to clean when you could be moving throughout the home cleaning other things? The second you come in, taking just a minute or two to prioritize your situation and decide what to do next is going to make a tremendous difference.

Start to avoid concentrated products

Granted, some cleaning lady services will provide the cleaning products for you, but if you have to provide your own, this is one of the best cleaning lady tips that will save you money. Even though these commercial cleaners are high-powered, they are also expensive. You can use natural alternative or traditional strength products for most spills and stains you are going to encounter.

If you are looking to clean a dirty kitchen floor for example, you only need a half-bucket of water and about two tablespoons of detergent from most standard brands. The same goes with adding too much bleach to your product, just because you are adding more than recommended does not mean that bleach somehow ‘works ‘better’, the recommended dilution (30 parts water – one part bleach) is still going to be enough to kill the germs when they come into contact with a disinfecting solution.

Cleaning the windows easily

Did you know that you could make your own glass cleaner? Put one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, 100 ml white vinegar, and one gallon of warm water into a bucket. Make sure that you stir it together and apply it with a squeegee mop, straight from the bucket. Alternative, one of our favorite cleaning lady tips is to put this solution into a plastic spray bottle. That way you can easily use it next time and are not wasting water.

Have multi-tasking cleaning supplies

One of the benefits people expect from cleaning lady services is the fact that they know what they are doing. So demonstrate that by being effective when you move from room to room. Having all your necessary cleaning supplies is going to prevent you from wasting time moving from room to room, you are always going to be ready to clean.

By having products that are able to multi-task, you will be able to reduce your cleaning time dramatically. For example, one of the better cleaning lady tips is having a product that not only kills germs, but will also clean a window without streaks. This ensures that you only have to carry a single item with you instead of two in order to complete two different tasks.

Start avoiding wipes

Even though handy-dandy wipes seem easy at first, remember that you are paying far more for these than you ever would for your own cloths. Simply spray your own cloths with a suitable cleanser and wipe away. After you are done with them, a single hot wash is going to kill any germs that they may have picked up in the process


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