Be a Green Cleaning Lady

Being a green cleaning lady is about more than wanting to be considerate about the environment we leave for those who inherent the earth after us, more and more companies and individuals are actively seeking out an environmentally-friendly cleaning lady. Many of the conventional cleaning products that have become standard have dubious health and environmental implications, mainly because these products are often petroleum-based. While they may work against dirt and grime, they also damage the environment and can even wreak havoc on our health.

Be a Green Cleaning Lady

Being a green cleaning lady does not mean that you cannot clean a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom properly. It simply means that you opt for cleaning products that get the job done without destroying everything they touch. There a plenty of natural methods and products that will help you become an environmentally-friendly cleaning lady. Today you will learn how to leave a home looking and smelling great without any of the toxic side effects.

Cleaning glass and mirrors

Most commercial window cleaners are based on ammonia. Did you know that you could effectively clean any window in the home with a half-gallon of water and four tablespoons lemon juice? Any environmentally-friendly cleaning lady may also reach for witch hazel or rubbing alcohol to serve as effective cleaners for glass and mirrors. Any good green cleaning lady may have also heard that using newspapers to clean windows works wonders, but while it may be a ‘green idea’, it is not a ‘great idea’. It is going to make a mess and is not worth your time.

Cleaning vinyl

Tile flooring and reclines are no match for an environmentally-friendly cleaning lady who uses straight lemon juice. By dipping a cloth into the lemon juice, you are able to remove stains on vinyl with ease.

Replacing furniture polish

Any good environmentally-friendly cleaning lady is going to know that furniture polish is one of the worst products in the home, these are often made from petroleum solvents and petroleum distillates. Not only do both of them smell bad, they are also hazardous to our health and the environment. Why rely on these products when there are green alternatives available?

Believe it or not, you can create your very own effective wood polish by mixing one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil. Apply it to the furniture with a soft cloth and you are good to go. This is not only going to give wood furniture a great shine, but also leaves it smelling fresh.

Cleaning metalwork

Ahhh, but now here is a challenge for any green cleaning lady, chrome, stainless steel, copper, and brass are all traditionally difficult to clean. Many of the traditional cleaners use at least one type of acid and ammonia. That does not sound pleasant. It is always a good idea to try out this alternative first instead of using these harsh commercial products.

Are you struggling with tarnished brass antiques or copper? Use a combination of flour, vinegar, and salt. Chances are that you have these ingredients in your home right now. Use equal parts of the three ingredients and make a paste. Using a soft cloth to rub this special paste against the copper or brass item is going to give it a good shine, but you need to let it dry out. This is going to take about 60 minutes.

Alternatively, if you have lightly tarnished copper or brass pieces you can use lemon to clean. Slice it in half, dip the sliced layer in salt, and rub it against the tarnished copper or brass pieces. Make sure you rinse and dry thoroughly.

Cleaning bare floors

Any environmentally-friendly cleaning lady is not going to rely on commercial cleaners for something this easy: a combination of water and vinegar is going to be the perfect choice when cleaning floors. Use a gallon of warm water and a single cup of vinegar. You can use it to mop a wooden, vinyl, linoleum, or ceramic tile floor. And the best part about it? You do not even need to rinse afterwards! If you think the floor looks a little dull, use some straight club soda to mop the floor afterwards and you will see that familiar shine.

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